Unable to remove old account sing up form Teams on Mac OS

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I cannot remove an old sing account from Teams on Mac OS. I have to delete the keychain, I delete the temp folder, and remove and reinstall Teams, and the old account is still there. I have a case open with the Microsoft team, and they cannot figure it out. Where is the login info store, and why has Microsoft not provided a solution where users can remove accounts as easily as they can add? Please help! 


Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 17.13.57.png

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Can you check if you can delete the information from the below steps:

1. Uninstall Microsoft Teams (Go to Applications -> Microsoft Teams -> Command+Delete -- when asked, enter MAC password)
2. Browse to ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/ (Terminal -- cd ~/Library/"Application Support"/Microsoft/)
3. Delete Entire "Teams" folder (sudo rm -rf Teams)
4. Install Microsoft Teams
5. Open Teams. Use as usual, as this would either let you chose an existing account and follow process or will prompt to enter your desired account to chose)

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Satish U
Thank you for the suggestion, I have tried, and is not working. This is a major bug for MS Teams for MacOS. I should be able with out any technical knowledge to remove any user id that I wish from MS Teams.