Unable to get Teams (free) to work

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I have a home PC, running Windows 10, and a Office 365 subscription (I am not sure that's relevant but it might be).  I have tried to use Microsoft Teams for 3 separate situations:


1) I was on a remote course at a university.  The university setup Teams for the students and tutors.  I used login details provided by the university to access its Teams groups.  I finished the course and I am no longer at the university, but they still permit access to Teams chats etc.

2) An organisation I worked with invited me to join their Teams and I used it off and on over the last few months with mixed success.

3) I am now trying to use Teams, as a sole trader, to work with various people (e.g. other professionals, clients, etc).


However, Teams seems to have gone mad and won't work properly!  I have read and tried many things online and in this forum in attempts to get it working, including uninstalling it, and clearing all the folders and files in %AppData%\Microsoft\Teams.  But I cannot get it working properly.


Each time I cleared the Teams folder and then started the app it looks like something positive is happening.  It does take a couple of app restarts to get it working (it appears not to have all the files it needs so takes a while to get going, I think) and then, on the second or third restart of the app it opens my university's Teams account (there is no prompt for a password, strangely).  As this is not the Team account I want to use, I logout of it and get a prompt to select another account.  Now, it seems to have remembered that I have previously asked to setup a Teams account for my email, because that is listed at this point as an option.  However, if I select my email and provide the login in details it asks for, I just get the "We're sorry..." message.  On the last umpteenth iteration of trying to sort this out (I want to do some real work Microsoft!!) I noticed a small error message in the bottom left of the Teams error screen that said "Due to org policy, you can’t use <my email address> with Teams on this device. Contact your admin for more info".  I am the administrator!  I only have this one PC!  Where is the policy that says I can or cannot use Teams?


Can anyone offer any insight and assistance?

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Hello, I don't know if this can help you but today and since yesterday morning Teams seems to have problems. I'll send you their incident ticket. Good night.

Title : Users will be unable to create Join a Team codes, or join a team using the Join by Code feature User Impact: Users attempting to create a Join a Team code, or join a team using a Join a Team code, will experience failure. More info: The ability of team owners to add users to their teams is not impacted. Current status: We're continuing to review the impacted infrastructure to gain an understanding of the underlying root cause, and to formulate a mitigation plan. Scope of impact: Any user attempting to join a team using the Join by Code feature will experience impact. Next update by: Saturday, February 6, 2021, 1:00 AM (12:00 AM UTC)