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Trying to use the new breakout rooms .. not channels.  This feature just showed up yesterday.  Unfortunately the only person that can hear someone is the "owner".  Other functions appear to work fine, but can not hear.  Anyone else experience this and possibly know how to fix?


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@A_Weinstein500 Hi, the full breakout room functionality isn't rolled out yet.


You can follow the progress here and by voting you'll be notified when status changes


This is the official roadmap for the feature


Can't say what you're experiencing right know though other than you're using the "pop-out meeting" I suppose?


Perhaps re-create the meeting and check the roles settings etc.




How do I get the icon to show up on my bar? I am a teacher and a coworker of mine has already started breakout rooms with her students. She said the icon just appeared one day for her. 

@BrittanyC Hi, as far as I understand it's not fully rolled out yet and therefore it's either not working properly, can't see it, can only see the icon but not use it etc. As it's being released backend it's not much you can do about it other than a manual sign out / sign in (top right corner) to refresh all settings, while you're at it you can "check for updates" from the same location as well. As I'm not a Teams edu user myself I cannot verify the appearance or the limited functionality, but at least you've got an explanation on why your coworker has it and what's going on.

Already updated ;) But thanks anyway!


Hi there,

We are experiencing a similar issue, but seems to be profile specific.  Our issue is that, on the same computer, if I sign in to a PC the new experience checkbox is available.  However, when my VP logs into the same box, He does not get the check box.  Same Box, Same Teams Version, two different experiences.
Any thoughts?