Team Breakout Question

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Hi All, 


I have 150 people attending a Teams Event. What is the recommended number of breakout rooms i should create to ensure the systems doesnt crash? I have found it crashes when there are lots of rooms created. 



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@joshBreese20 you should be able to have 300 people in breakout rooms. And the number of rooms is set to a max of 50. So that are the limitations for now.

@joshBreese20, i'm having the same issue. i was just in a meeting where the organizer created 50 breakout rooms. There was a total of 176 attendees. It took a really long time for the breakout rooms to populate (maybe 30 seconds to 1 minute), then Teams bumped us out of the breakout rooms 2 to 3 minutes before the breakout session should have ended. It seems like Teams is calculating the time it takes to get into and get out of the breakout rooms off of the total time you set for the breakout room sessions.

@paul keijzers, the breakout rooms do not seem to be functioning properly in accordance with their maximum number of rooms that you can create. Do you know how we can escalate this issue up?