Licensed mailbox in Teams?

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I've been searching for the answer to this question and haven't found anything recent. Figured I'd try here. I have a shared mailbox that is licensed (was an accident but I'm going with it). In Outlook, Teams meetings can be scheduled from this mailbox and it includes an audio line. Is there any way to access this inbox in Teams? Or set someone as an owner or presenter so they can manage breakout rooms in meetings assigned from this calendar?


The answer may just be "no," I didn't wanna give up that easily though! 

Thank you.

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Not sure what you mean by "access this mailbox in Teams", Teams is not an email client after all. And shared mailboxes cannot be login to directly, this is against the license terms. Since you have licensed the mailbox anyway, you can just convert it to regular user mailbox and use its credentials as needed.
Hi! What I mean is accessing this mailbox's calendar in Teams, though it doesn't have a direct login. I'm not sure how it got licensed, no one consciously did it or was able to figure out what happened.

Aah I see. Members of the shared mailbox wouldn't be able to be logged into both that and their personal Outlook mailbox though I'm guessing. Sounds messy. I will see what can be done. Thank you for the reply!