Licensing question for Teams Voice

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Hi everyone-


Just trying to wrap my head around the licensing for a situation a client of mine is trying to solve.


They have two locations. They want all calls to go to location 1 and to two different phones based on a caller pressing 1 for location 1 or 2 for location 2.


However, someone may not answer the phone for location 2 all of the time, so they want it forwarded to the actual location 2 (which has separate phone number and service).


What I believe I need to have:

Two MS365 licenses (basic, standard, whatever)

Two Teams Phone with Calling Plan licenses


Do I have this right or am I missing something here?


Thank you.


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Hi @JosephMarkovich ,


Depends what you want to do, but technically yes.


From your description you will need depending on how many numbers, you will need Virtual phone license (free) each number , probably one Auto Attendant and if you have two users then two Microsoft Teams Phone with Calling plan license and those should have Microsoft Teams license (Business standard, premium will work like you mentioned).


That setup is pretty simple.  

If you need help, message me.

Hi Adin-

Thanks much -- I really appreciate it! This is exactly what I was looking for!