Teams welcome email is now coming from an owner instead of the team

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It seems that since around Oct 16th the welcome email that users get when they are added to a team is now coming from the first team owner and not the team email. In the past if I added a user to the team named "Test Team", they would receive a "You've joined the Test Team group" email from the team's email address like "TestTeam@[Tenant]". Now the email comes from the owner's email address and oddly enough it seems to be the first owner in alphabetical order. 


Did anyone else notice this? Is there any announcement from Microsoft about this change?


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@RyanTylerCook just tested this in a tenant but for me the person who invites me is in the mail but not in the from.



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Hey @paul keijzers,
Thanks for checking it. DO you think there is a setting in Teams Admin for something like this?
I have not seen any setting like this so it is strange that it happens. There has also not been a announcement around this. I would almost be suspicious to be honest that it is not a phishing mail.

@paul keijzers - I was a little suspicious too but I checked in Defender and the mail is not external. I also see this happening on every team that adds a new member since the 16th. On one team I removed the owner the email was coming from and added a new team member, the email then came from the next owner.


Very strange but thanks for looking at it for me!


I'm having this same issue. Now all emails are coming from me as the group owner since I created these groups years ago.