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Organizer created a single instance meeting using the Outlook Teams Add-in and sent out the invite to whole company. Total attendees would have been under the 250 limit.

10-15 mins before the meeting, organizer opened the calendar invite & clicked the Join Teams Meeting link in invite as did her fellow presenters starting the meeting a few mins early.

Rest of company either clicked the "Join Online" button from the Outlook meeting reminder or clicked the "Join Teams Meeting" link in the invite and some people ended up in the organizers "working" meeting with presentation, while others ended up in a completely different meeting with no organizer, no presentation. We ended up shooting the sh*t.

But, people in both meetings were in the same chat thread for the meeting and could chat to both groups.

No rhyme/reason of how people joined to what "audio" portion of meeting they joined, but essentially it had the same chat thread, just 2 separate audio portions. Kind of like what is described here:

This is using M365 E3 instance. Anyone see anything like this before?

*Edit: After the meeting concluded, the IT team (3 users) and 2 organizers utilized the same invite and tested clicking Join Online or clicking the Join MS Teams link in the invite and every time ended up in same meeting.

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Same issue just now faced by me. Awaiting for update from MS support.



We had exactly the same issue in a meeting today. There was no doubt that two separate audio/video meetings were spawned, with only one text chat. The only practical solution was for everyone to leave, to delete the calendar entry, and to create a completely new meeting, with a new link, which then worked fine (after about half an hour of struggling).

Same problem happened several days ago. 1 meeting request has been send but the moment we where doing the meeting we noticed 2 different groups with invited users. But 1 chat. The links to the meetings where also different.

Has Microsoft looked to this issue?


We have the same problems.. :(


Could someone from Microsoft please check this out?

@tiksa Hi, there's no way the community can assist with issues like that. You'll need to open up a support ticket with the official Microsoft support for proper analyze of logs etc.




A group at my organization had the exact same issue today. Out of curiosity, if you recall a year later, did someone copy/paste the "Join Meeting" link into an email or Outlook Calendar invitation? I'm comparing links from the Teams invitation to an email containing a link which was sent to others and there is a definite difference between the two.


Thank you in advance for your reply!

I have a couple of customers experiencing this same problem, was there any resolution, what did MS do, did the multiple rooms on the same meeting just one day stop? As ChristianBergstrom mentioned, yes, there is probably not anything the community can do in this event, but the people who have lived through and posted about this already might have some knowledge of what is happening and how it was resolved with MS.
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I finally found my answer to this problem. Here's what was happening:


(TL;DR: My User pasted the Teams Meeting info I created for her into ANOTHER Teams meeting thus having two separate meeting links in her invitation. Details follow)


As an E5 license holder, I frequently create Teams Meetings with phone dial-in for others in my organization. I will only invite the person requesting the meeting and ask that s/he copy the "Join" link and phone info into her own Outlook invitation. I stress NOT TO MAKE A NEW TEAMS MEETING. This allows the requester to be the point person for inquiries and to make small changes to the date/time/body of text without having to come back to me for changes. This has worked out fairly well. 


The person in this particular case has been working remotely and using Outlook in her browser. The tip-off came when she sent me a screen shot of her invitation - she had typed something into the "Location" field that didn't match any of our conference rooms. Next to this it said "Join Teams Meeting". Keep in mind the ONLY place to join the meeting should have been in the body of the invite, not the header. Turns out that the browser version of Outlook has a different way of turning a regular Outlook Calendar invitation into a Teams Meeting than the desktop version. When she followed my instructions, she saw an option to, as she thought, alert her invitees that the meeting was a Teams meeting. In reality, she created a separate Teams meeting. When the time came, some people scrolled to the bottom of the invite and used the link for the meeting I created. Others saw a "join" button at the top of their invite, clicked it, and went to a separate meeting. Case solved!

@Nico_Klein Did you ever find the cause? I have experienced exactly the same.

Did anyone find an explanation? We had the same problem this friday. We have checked the meeting ids (links) and even though it seems to be one meeting-id, the meeting is split into two meetings with one common chat. In the log it seems that each person had two simultaneous meetings with two different guids. 

It has been reported to MS, but progress is slow. Did anyone get an explanation? Is it a bug? 

Also just had this for a class. Has there been any progress on this?