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Dear all,


A customer of mine wishes to use a default CallerID but still be able to select an outgoing CallerID when placing a call. As far as I can tell this is not possible. The assigned CallerID-policy will overrule the selected number in the dropdown-list on the call-button.



Direct number of co-worker is: 1111
Number of company is: 9999

Department A is: 2222

Department B is: 3333


By default, the co-worker needs to have the CallerID: 9999, but he/she must be able to use 2222 or 3333 as well.


Does this sound familiar to you? Or is there a solution for this?


Kind regards,




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@BvdL79 you have an option in the caller ID policy to allow or disallow users to override the caller id . Override the caller ID policy: Allow users to override the settings in the policy that decide whether or not they display their number to the callee. This means that users can choose whether to display their caller ID



No it does't. It only enables the end user to override to call anonymously. And the end user must not be able to use their own direct number when calling out.

what is your current called ID policy applied to on the users?
Current Caller ID policy is the default.
End Users are able to select outgoing number because they are member of a CallQueue, that works.
When I assign a Caller ID policy to the end user it wil overrule. Doesn't matter what the end user is choosing. When "Override the caller ID policy" is enabled, the only difference is, is that the end users are able to call out anonymously.