Problems with Meeting Links

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I have problems with my Microsoft team when the link directed to different meeting when on phone and on PC. I click on the same link but one lead to the real meeting and another lead to a different one.

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A lecture of mine experienced the same issue today - multiple instances were created for the same meeting at the same time using the same link. Some students were in the instance with the lecturer, others weren't and couldn't hear the lecturer or participate in the lecture. 

Does anyone have a solution for this?

same problem that occurs randomly from time to time on channel meetings:
- a meeting scheduled by the teacher
- a parallel meeting (on the same link) in which the students are alone.
The only "solution" at the moment is to try to join on a different Teams (web, or mobile) to get around the bug.
The problem appeared for the first time in March 2022, it seemed to have been fixed by an update (or not spotted) but the bug is again present since the end of May. Is anyone at Microsoft on the subject?
Yes - we are having this issue (this morning three separate meetings were created - yet we were all clicking the join button from within the same meeting chat in Teams). Has anyone found a solution as yet?