Presentation with Breakout Session for 400 people

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Hi everyone, 


I'm new to organising large scale teams meetings and am seeking guidance on the best way to run my meeting.


We want to run a meeting over three hours for 400 people. The agenda is loosely as follows

  • General welcome with update for the business from the CEO.
  • Split group into their seven business units for a strategy session led by their Exec.
  • Everyone comes back to main room for Q&A and summary of the event.

It appears there are three options for running the meetings:

  1. I understand that you can use breakout rooms but it doesn't look like you can pre-assign people to rooms which makes it difficult given the number of people involved.
  2. Using channels looks like an option but i'm not really that familiar with how this would work on a practical basis.
  3. The third option would be to run the main session.. setup the seven groups as other individual meetings then get people to come back to the main teams meeting. 

Any thoughts on the best approach here would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi! Yeah, there is Pre assignment coming for break out rooms soon but as of today I’d just create 7 separate meetings (channel meetings works the same in having to create 7 meetings ) if you have teams for all 7 groups you could use channel meetings instead, but it makes no big difference. To make it easy you could also post the meeting links via chat in the meeting(s) for easy access



@adam deltinger Thanks for the reply. Will run with setting up multiple meetings as the alignment of people along channel lines is a little flaky here.