Teams meeting recorded split

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Hi! I don't know if this has happened to anyone else. But I'm running virtual lunch and learns in my office that are about 20-30 minutes. I've run three sessions and 2 of the 3 recordings got split into two meeting recordings. It's not like Teams has a lot of complex settings so I'm not sure what's triggering it. The first one I think there is a gap from one recording to the other and the second one that split from what I can tell stops and starts very close together. 


It's very frustrating.. Any help?

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Hello, when a recording stops a new is being created when hitting start recording once more. Difficult to say if this is happening due to a service degradation or if you perhaps haven't configured the Teams roles. With that I mean that not only the Organizer can start/stop a recording but also the ones having the Presenter role. You'll understand when looking at this

So try making most of the participants Attendees. If you know this isn't the problem I suggest you reach out to the official support. Your IT admin can assist with that.