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UPDATE 3/2022: Took a long time to propagate but finally did.  Now I can put my custon tabs before the non-removable ones except chat, and the Org tab is gone. 


Teams version: (64-bit)    It is pre-release I think.




Hello.   We use O365 Business Essentials and Business Premium.  Our organization contains exactly nine people. With an org chart as flat as a desert.


The Organization tab is absolutely getting in the way, removing visibility to more important tabs (for us) like an Excel tab.  So, instead of having the important tab "in your face" we have to tell the user... go to the little down arrow and there you will find what you are looking for - while there is a tab with a very long name just using real space. 


Also been unable to move any tabs before the Files Organization Activity tabs. 


Please comment. Solutions?   Thanks,

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Hi @fmi 


Disable it in the Teams Admin Centre under Org Wide Settings




Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard thanks, will go do it right away and report back.  I assume there is some delay while it propagates.  Should have checked first :grimacing_face::beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Can take 24 hours and users may have to log out and back in

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Done. Found it at once. Thanks for the super quick reply.

@Christopher Hoard 
When the Org Chart option is disabled in Teams, does it also remove the Org Chart option from the Office 365 business card which appears on an Outlook email recipient's business card and in other areas of Office 365? If it isn't removed from those locations when the Teams Org Chart is disabled, can you provide links on how to disable in the other Office 365 products?

Hello all,

I'm also interested to disable the Organization tab included in Outlook. Does somebody know how to do it? I've been searching but I didn't find any solution.

Thank you very much in.advance.

@GilbertoFT Outlook or Teams?    Looks like this issue is resolved look at the update on my original post.

Hello @fmi, I'm talking about Outlook! Thank you very much for your help!

Hi do you mean hide the org explorer? On the left hand nav in Outlook?

Best, Chris
I'm also interested to see if also possible to hide the organization view when you hover over the employee's name? there's a little org chart icon, as well as under report to managers name a link that says "show organization"
That is what this does :)

Best, Chris