How do I prevent Blocked Users from appearing in the Organization Chart in Teams?

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I have many Users whose Sign-Ins are blocked (permanently or temporarily), and I need to prevent them from appearing in the Organization Chart Tab at the top of Teams. Unfortunately, I cannot find anyway to hide them. I have tried removing the Teams license. They do not appear as Users in the Teams Admin center. Yet, they remain in the Org Chart and it's messing up the structure. 


So, how do I remove Users who are no longer with the company but whose mailboxes I need to maintain? 

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AFAIK, there is not way to do this

we have a similar issue. we need to "hide" indidvidual users from beeing shown in the org-chart.


the closest I could get was the hide from insights... not yet tried, but seems to be a solution. see Control the Display of People Insights in Microsoft 365 (