Information barrier andGuest users in Teams


We have IB policies currently applied to all users and we are planning to open up the gate for guest users in Teams and SPO. upon quick POC, we found that guest users invited in Teams can not access Files tab in Teams which stores all files in SPO. we have a case open with Microsoft since last 2 months and they have no clue. We asked Microsoft if guest user needs to be a part of Organization IB segment and PG does not have answer if guest should be part of segment or not and now they are asking us to remove the IBMode applied to the O365 group and SPO site associated with Teams.


Does anybody experienced the same issues with IB configured in the tenant?

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It's strange the PG has not provided an answer here...maybe is first line of support who don't know the answer? By the way, I think you have to include as you mention those guests users in the IB segments defined
YES PG provided that answer when we asked them if the guest accounts need to be segmented according to the IB policies in Teams and SPO and they said no and they started asking us about export of all conditional access policies and all which is not an issue here. received a latest response from PG again on Friday and now they are saying guest need to be a part of IB segment in order to access file tab in Teams. this has been going on for over 2 months now and we are unable to open guest access in the tenant due to confusing answers from PG.