New Teams - Video freezing

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I have no issues using the "old" version of teams. The problem only occurs in the "new" version.


In a meeting all incoming video turns black (including shared screens). my image "floats" in the middle of the screen and is also frozen.


The "mini" window when I minimize the application during a meeting show live/unfrozen incoming video of the speaker.


Version Info:

You have Microsoft Teams version 23231.413.2355.7555.
You've got the latest version. It was last updated on 9/12/2023.
The client version is 49/23082000931.


Frozen screenFrozen screen

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I have the same exact problem; old Teams works as expected, but new Teams freeze cameras (incoming and outgoing) as soon as participants join in.

I have tried clearing cache, reinstalling new teams but still haven't got it to work.

Any idea would be welcome :)
second that. exactly the same issue.

it is specific to the computer so I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the graphics driver.
I have NVidia RTX 4o7o, updated drivers couple of time. there are no settings in new teams to disable some accelerations.

I have an AMD Radeon RX 6800 with the most updated driver. Not sure what I can to solve this. Maybe MS will see this and add some graphics debugging to send a log or something.

I have a NVIDIA RTX 3080; i tried updating drivers, but it didn't change anything.
I agree that a graphics log/debugging is probably a good idea from MS; let's hope this will get resolve soon.
Same exact issue here. Happens every time. I'm on a AMD Threadripper cpu 3960 with Nvidia 4900 gc.
I found out that if all have cameras disabled, screenshare works fine.

so maybe PIP (Picture In Picture)? I have an integrated camera in Dell - no idea what brand it is, drivers don't say.
I have the same issue with an Alienware Aurora R10 with an Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti.