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Hi all, does anyone know if it's possible to embed Teams into a website? We have a customer portal (authenticated users) where we want to collaborate with our customers using Teams - but obviously we don't want the customer to need a Teams client etc... Some sort of Teams channel experience that is embedded into a website as such. We know about Azure Communication Services, but we're not sure how far we can push that technology as yet. We don't want calling at this stage, simply messaging and file sharing. 

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No, it's not possible. Might I ask what information do you need to have in the webiste?

@Juan Carlos González Martín thanks for the reply. I've attached an example mockup to show what we'd want. The names are completely fictitious. We just want a message feed between our internal people and our customers - without the customer needing to know they're using teams, or have a teams client. 

@Richard Kay 


There is a rich API for Microsoft Teams, so your website could post messages to users in Teams and capture a response. It would be a pretty large development job on your website to handle the process.


Would your customers really be comfortable to ask a question that is in view of your other customers? We don't really see these sorts of services, because I'm pretty sure it won't really drive usage.

@Steven Collier thanks for the reply. Customers will only be asking questions of their Customer Manager, in private channels if you like. So other Customers won't see what customers are saying. So it's not a public forum if that makes sense?

@Richard Kay 

I would suggest looking more at Dynamics Customer Service, a platform built to manage contact with customers...

@Juan Carlos González Martín  I guessing you from Westpac NZ as I recall 2008 you goin to OCS where this was possible ....I'm currently working on finding a way to do it ..not ready to say impossible.