Embedding company website to teams left side panel.

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My company is looking into adding a company website to the left side panel in teams. We have previously added our document center and other SharePoint sites using App Studios without problems.

However, this time we want to show an external website (Company website) instead of a SharePoint site. I tried to use the same process as we did for the SharePoint site, but when the app is launched it does not show anything in the tab (See attached screenshot). The link in the top right corner does navigate to the website, but the content is not show in teams.

Does anyone have any pointers to how to solve this issue? Any help is appreciated.

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@Tommy-Johannessenyou are following the right path but the app you are creating in App studio has to be manifest that you need to code properly or seek help from vendors who do this process to embed your website into a Teams app.


I know putting that in a channel is easy, the same way putting a Sharepoint site as an app is also simple but an external website has many other dependies.


Maybe worth trying New Sharepoint Home Sites that are coming to Teams soon.



@PDostiyar so what you're telling me is that there isn't a simple solution to embed an external website as of today. We then might check out the New Sharepoint Home Sites or considering showing it through a channel.

Thanks for the reply.

@Tommy-JohannessenThis is correct, while the Sharepoint home sites are still on the road map maybe it is announced at Microsoft Ignite just after 9 days... or maybe later this year...


While showing the same external website in the general channel is would be an ideal option for now....