MS Teams Tabs - Web embedding drawbacks

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I am about to start working on a project and would like to know the drawbacks of embedding a website in MS Teams tabs, and would like to know what the best solution for my problem is.


I am working on a web application that will allow users to search for files within the GUI I create. I also want to directly integrate this into teams so users can access this GUI directly in teams. 

I have noticed I am able to embed a website directly into a tab by providing a URL to the site. 


I would like to know the limitations for this. 


If I develop a web app and host it on and link it directly to a tab in Teams, what limitations will users encounter? Should I be developing this as a MS Team embedded web experience (using MS Teams JavaScript SDK)? Or is it fine to develop it as a standalone web application and then have a tab in ms teams direct to it? 

One limitation I have already noticed within embedded websites in teams tabs is that when I leave the tab and come back, it does not save my session. (Ex: I have a tab directing to and when I search for something then leave the tab and come back my session is not saved and I am starting off from again). Is there anything else I should know about?





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@Tiago_Sa It's a shame nobody has bothered to answer as I'm sure there are many out there doing this. From my experience, viewing pages from the "Add Tab" function within Teams is fine for basic use. There are many drawbacks but note, this is just our experience so always test to see if it fits your needs.


We found that functions in scripts (javascript) didn't always fire on certain events, like page load. Single page apps were quite unpredictable or static pages that loaded content after page load. Using technologies that served the entire page like ASP.NET Core Web API or ASP.NET WebForms seemed to work the best. Reloading the page from the drop down in Teams rarely resolved the issue. I'm guessing Teams (or whatever renders the page) behind the scenes is aggressively caching the page and it's resources.


Good luck.