Different teams accounts for different businesses

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Hey all. Simple question hope you can help. I run a finance business (just me - assumed name Joe Bloggs finance) and I have Microsoft teams installed. I also have a friend who runs his own finance business (just him - assumed name Bob Riggs finance) and he installed Teams as well. When I installed and set up I created a team and invited him (shows up as guest) and he accepted.


Now though when Bob logs into teams it logs him in under Joe Bloggs Finance. He was able to set up a meeting with one of his clients but when it came time for the meeting he was not able to commence the meeting.


I suppose we probably got mixed up with tenants and guests etc. When Bob in teams logs out of my tenant and logs into his we cannot chat anymore. I try to videocall him and i get an unavailable recording.


What we are after is for me to be logged into my teams and for him to be logged into his teams (2 separate businesses and tenants) but for us to be able to chat over message and videocalls. Is this not possible?


I can provide more details of that will help.

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That’s definitely possible. The challenge is when you are signed in your Teams, when looking up his user the system will always show the intern guest user first. There should be another option to search externally in the pop-up, which should allow you to chat with Bob when he’s signed in with his own account into his own organization/tenant.

If that still doesn’t work, is there an error message you could share? Teams allows you to restrict who you can talk to externally but this should be open for everyone on new tenants.
Hey thanks mate for the response. I just tried again and had no luck.

When i try and start a new chat I type in his email address. When I start to put in his email address yes his guest profile (which is the one we have been chatting on) is the one that pops up but when I finish his email address I have both his guest profile but also the option to select to search externally. But when I click on the search externally button it does nothing as in it goes away and does not select anything. So whenever he contacts me as well he gets transported to my tenant.
Was this just an example of me setting him up as a guest instead of external? I dont know how we can fix this. Not sure what other details I can provide without giving away our details!!! I can provide the following dummy ones
My name - Joe Bloggs
My Business Tenant (name in teams) - Bloggs Financial
My individual name (name in teams) - Joe Bloggs
Friends name - Bob Riggs
Friends Business Tenant - Riggs Private Wealth
Friends name - (name in my teams) - admin@riggsprivatewealth.com (Guest)

So again when I start a new chat and start typing in Bobs email address as above the first thing that appears is his guest profile with his email address. When I complete the email address I have
both the gust profile and the option to search externally with that email address. When I click on the external nothing comes up.

He does have teams on his own computer and I have seen his tenant (of Riggs Private Wealth) with his email address. So it seems I cannot connect with that other tenant?