Team Member does not see all posts in a channel

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I have a user who is not seeing all posts that are made on a channel in a team of which she is a team member.


If she searches for the posts they come up in search, however if she clicks on the found post in search it does nothing.


Why would this team member not be able to see all posts made to a channel, how do I fix, and how do I keep this from happening again?


Thanks folks!




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Hello, would you mind verifying the behavior if using Teams on the web?

Just a wild guess if the issue isn't present online, then it could be cache related or similar. A manual sign out will refresh these objects in the desktop client. You can even clear the cache manually but try the above and let me know.



i experienced the same problem

tried reboot computer with no help

tried sign out and sign in again and it shows all the posts

problem resolved.

Stupid error.

thanks Christian

Thanks @ericwychan. Sign in / sign out solved it instantly for me, after i did't find messages this morning, which i posted just yesterday.