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Hi All,

I know that I can not delete a general channel but I would like to delete posts to clean it up.  Currently, when I click the "..." on a post the delete option is not available.  I have read in other threads that this option needs to be turned on but I can not find instructions for doing so. I contacted my IT department and they can't seem to find this option either.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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@Jeff Parker There is a video of a meeting posted into the General channel on our workgroup team by mistake. The option to "delete" this video post is not available on this video. We have deleted the video in Microsoft stream so at least it can't be played, but the video can still be seen in the General channel. This looks very untidy and unprofessional. How can Owners  delete videos posted from Stream? We understand that this is not possible, which I'm hoping its not true.

Where does the box "Owners can delete all messages" show up in Manage Teams>Settings show-up?
This is what controls if the setting is available or not -AllowOwnerDeleteMessage and can be found in

With this -AllowOwnerDeleteMessages found in you can control if it should be checked or not under the Teams settings.

The team owner/owners can uncheck and check it as they like though.

@Chris Webb  I have everything enabled to be able to delete posts in a TEAMS channel but posts that were automatically published by an added APP on the channel (the APP is Kahoot! for example) the option to delete the Kahoot post is still not available.  Is there a way to remove posts in a teams channel from an APP?   

Some messages cannot be deleted even though all "deletion settings" are ok. That's why this was added and being on the backlog

You should vote on it to stay updated when status changes.
I tested the setting. in general channel can have the option delete and I went to delete it seem successful, but the same message reappear back after I switch betweeen channel. Not sure what I'm missing out

@RickB710, Hey, did you resolve this problem? I also need to remove a whole year of posts and do not want to delete one at a time. 

Thanks, this seems to be the only way to bulk cleaning up in General channel.

@Chris Webb Thanks for all the info. I have just enabled myself as admin / owner to delete sent messages in my different Teams.

BUT do you know how much time I have to wait to see the "delete..." option in the "..."? I have been waiting for > 20 min... Thanks

@Roland_Bf As with all configuration changes, Microsoft often quote 24-48 hours for changes to take effect.  I have found it is faster than that normally.  Depends on the change.

@Chris Webb Hi Chris, I followed this thread when I ran into the same issue of not being able to grant a user the ability to delete their own posts from a teams group. After following these steps, it seems that the user is only able to select the "Delete" option when using Classic Teams and not New Teams. While a minor inconvenience, I was wondering if there is a reason these changes don't reflect in the New Teams? Is there another setting that needs to be addressed/selected to apply to the entirety of the users account?