How can I enable my profile picture to be visible outside of my tenant?


Ask: I would like to allow anyone seeing my corporate account to be able to see my company profile picture!

Situation: When I am viewing my corporate account from another tenant it displays without the profile picture. (shown below). This is true for both my account as a "Guest" and my account as an "External".




However, in recently interacting with Microsoft support, I was able to see their pictures (sell below). This leads me to believe that this is something that is configurable.



What have I tried?

I am the Global Admin and I have already set the "Cross-tenant access settings" to their least strict options, but profile pictures still elude me. 



This is what my account on shows when viewing my account as "external".


How can I enable my picture to be visible outside of my tenant?


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@MrHinsh Hi @Yannick Reekmans made a great blog about this you can view it here Change your own profile picture as a Guest in Microsoft Teams - Yannick Reekmans - Building things o...



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