Deletion of MEET post from general channel



We are getting the post mentioning 'meeting in general end'. we would like to delete the same to keep the general channel clean in order to keep it only for announcements.


Is there a way to delete the same. I am attaching screenshot for reference.




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Hello, AFAIK these cannot be deleted. There's an Owner feature that can be used to "clean" up all posts, even bot messages apparently, but I don't think it matters here. It's called "Owners can delete sent messages" in case you are wondering, part of messaging policy and a setting under the team settings.


How about creating more channels and keep the meeting in the corresponding channel instead of the general channel?

Hi Christian,

I have set the messaging policy-Owners can delete sent message, but I still cannot delete the MEET post. (I can just delete other members' messages...)
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Hi there, my new account so glad I noticed your reply. Yeah you have the

and the controlling the owner delete availability.

But as previously mentioned above some "posts" from system such as video/camera icon cannot be deleted.