Cannot Effectively Manage Channel Meetings and Replies

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As an admin, I should be able to restrict who can schedule meetings within channels, especially the General channel.


I have a few Teams where only owners can post messages, but if a member schedules a meeting and adds the channel, it posts the meeting information to the channel and any member can then reply to it. This is alarming, especially when you have an entire company of 600 users in a Team. 


I even tried turning off the @ mentions for members and turning on moderation in a different channel, since you cannot moderate the General channel. Still, members were able to add these channels to meetings, which then posted the meeting info to the channels and members were allowed to comment on the meeting info... Very annoying. Microsoft needs to fix this ASAP.


See attached screenshots.


I also wish I could simply delete or hide the General channel from members. Better moderation settings could help with that too, but unfortunately, you can only add moderation to other created channels.






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@ChristianBergstrom Thanks, I've looked through that, but I need this to be a policy only for this particular group, not global or per-user. Owners should still be able to schedule channel meetings, while members should be restricted and not allowed to. Any ideas?

Hi, well it’s a ”per-user” policy so it would need to be applied to the individuals in that particular team, owner excluded. But that also means that this policy will follow these individuals in all teams being unable to create channel meetings.

You can always put up a UV request or look if it’s already there

@ChristianBergstrom Yeah, that'd break critical functionality for the other Teams, so I can't do that. We tried the below PS script, which disables the members from writing to the calendar. They get an error, but the meeting info still pops up in the channel, oddly enough. These auto meeting info chats (I don't know what else to call them) cannot be deleted, even though our policy is set to allow Owners to delete sent messages. Which means members can then reply to that if they wanted to. This is just a mess.


Set-UnifiedGroup -CalendarMemberReadOnly:$true

Hi, yeah that won’t work for channel meetings as a channels doesn’t have a mailbox/calendar per say.

@ChristianBergstrom So, there is no way to do what we need here, then... Infuriating.

I hear you. As mentioned, add a request at UserVoice as it’s the place where they (Microsoft) look to evaluate product features/improvements.
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@ChristianBergstrom Created these two UserVoice posts, if you or anyone else would like to help upvote.


Restrict members from scheduling meetings within certain Teams/Delete meeting info in chats:


Add ability to schedule recurring meetings in Teams Private Channels: