Contacts Issue in Mobile App

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I'm running the latest Android version of Teams.  When I go to Chat > Contacts, I am shown "Favourites" which seem to be the Speed Dial contacts in the Desktop App, and then "Other Contacts" which seem to be my Outlook contacts, but in no sort whatsoever.


In the Desktop App > Calls there is a Speed Dial which then shows "Speed Dial", pinnedGroup (with nothing under it), our company name (with nothing under it), then OtherContacts with all my contacts in no sort order whatsoever.  However, if I click on Contacts, they are all sorted and are pulling from my Outlook contacts.  


1.  Why are "Contacts" not showing on the mobile app but are showing "Other Contacts"?

2.  Why aren't the contacts on the mobile app sorted the same ie by name or literally any sort?  We shouldn't have to use the search every time.  When they are sorted, we can find them easily  like we can in the desktop app.

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I am facing the same issue with a newly developed mobile. But it appears only with my phone. Its not the same issue with my spouse iphone. Looks like my android connected with gmail id is causing the issue. But not sure how to sort it out