Teams Desktop App still not showing changes done in AD Azure 4 days later

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We made change to Employees in Azure (Titles, numbers, sometimes a name) but those changes STILL have not been reflected in the Teams Desktop App, which all 130 of our Employees use.


The changes are showing in Azure, Teams Admin Centre, Teams Mobile, Teams on Browser, Admin Centre, literally everywhere except for the Teams Desktop App.   It's been 4 days.


People have rebooted, same issue.  I even uninstalled my Teams app 2 days ago, only 1/10 show a change, rest haven't.


We use the Desktop app to CALL people so if their numbers are not updated, we can't call them (search > contacts > call).  Also, we have many, many meetings in Teams so if their titles are not showing correctly, it looks very unprofessional.  


Microsoft support told me it takes 72 hours, then they said it was "72 business  hours which means 9 business days" then they said we have to reinstalled Teams on all 130 laptops, then they said it was because of COVID.  Then they said it's not a big deal use the browser version.  


If the desktop app is caching somehow, we need a way to FORCE a recache as we cannot possibly redeploy Teams every time we have updates or promotions.  

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@Mercedes Green Hi, well that does sound like a mess. And you have obviously also signed out manually from the desktop app (not only reboot)? Are every single one experiencing this?


Would you mind trying these steps on a computer having the issue (involves cache removal and force version upgrade)

Re: Unable to login even after reinstall - Microsoft Tech Community

@ChristianBergstrom Yes signing out does not fix it.  I just signed out again and no changes appear when we search the users.  It's affecting multiple users so assume all (multiple have emailed saying their title is still wrong).


Did another uninstall, deleted ALL the files in that article, reinstalled.  Searched 3 people that we changed and still shows old titles etc.  


Also, we can't really be expected to uninstalled, delete files, reinstall on 130 laptops every time we adjust dat in Azure?

@Mercedes Green Of course not, I was only curios if it had something to do with the cache removal and newer install of the app version. Perhaps continue with the support ticket with Microsoft might be the best solution here.

@ChristianBergstrom Microsoft support is useless.  They were the ones that told me we had to wait 9 business days for Teams to update (they also said doesn't include weekends). This is why I had to resort to community help.  They also told me we had to reinstall on 130 laptops to see new updates from Azure.  They are a complete waste.

Very odd response from them I must say. Give it another go by creating a new ticket. Not using the previous one.

@ChristianBergstrom Getting weirder now.  The title shows wrong in Search (so search name Jane and shows wrong title but if start a chat with Jane and hover over their name, it's correct).  That is on my PC.


Go to my colleague and search same and title is wrong on both search and chat.