Incoming call display issue with contact names on Teams mobile app

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Unfortunately, we are facing an issue with the Teams app on our mobile phones. We are using the Microsoft Teams telephone system that works perfectly fine, except for a critical error. When receiving calls, on the lock screen of our mobile phone (Android or Apple), we can only see the incoming phone number and not the contact name that we have saved. If we are outside of the lock screen, we can see the incoming call with the correct name. I have attached screenshots to better illustrate the problem. Can anyone help us resolve this issue?

lock screenlock screenoutside of the lock screenoutside of the lock screenPCPC

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Seems like the calls are coming in from the Auto Attendant. Can you test and check if this is happening with all the external PSTN calls as well or only for the calls coming from the Auto Attendant or Call Queue?

Looks like when the Teams is in the lockscreen mode app is not getting contact data from the directory. Can you test the scenario and we can report the same to the Product Group.

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