Contact management on Poly's Teams native desk phone

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Trying to understand contact management/speed dial support using a Poly CCX 400 native Teams desk phone, running latest Teams firmware.

Under "Calls/Favorites", the contact list is empty, despite having a fully populated list of favorite contacts that have been entered in the Teams desktop app, and these favorites display every other place where I'm running Teams (including my mobile phones, tablet, and even another vendor's native Teams desk phone (Yealink T58).


(Incidentally, the user documentation states that the only way to add a contact to your Favorites, is to pick one from the "recent" calls list, and make them a favorite. In other words, you can't manually type in and/or search a directory and add to favorites.)


My users' general consensus is that the whole contact management thing with Teams is abysmal, and frankly I tend to agree with them.

Is this a particular situation I'm encountering a Poly issue, or a Microsoft issue? I suspect it is the latter.

I am hoping someone with insight can comment on this.




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@Linus Cansby, maybe you can assist here?


@ThereseSolimeno I understand your intent, but that user voice item has nothing to do with the issue and doesn't apply here. Please unmark it as answered. 

I see @Bob Manjoney  If that's the case then certainly I will unmark it.