Teams channel - meet now button missing

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My teams app has been updated, and now I am not able to start instant meeting in channels, i.e. Meet now -button has disappeared.  For my colleagues, it still is working.  I guess I have some early access -features, and during weekend the button disappeared.


I still can schedule a meeting in the channel, but we use this Meet now -function frequently, and now I lost my button.. Same is in browser.


When I try the New Teams, it comes back, but not all functions work in New Teams yet.


Teams-version: You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 23.5.2023.

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@Minna1409  We have exactly the same issue. Same version number and we have tried removal and re-installation, clear cache and new user profile to the same result. The button re-appears for a short time and then gets replaced after 1-2 hours. 


I have not located a fix yet either.

@Dean-21 I switch to New Teams, when I need to open meeting at the channel. Thats the only way at the moment. Anyhow, not all functions work in New Teams, so I use both versions.

I got the button back! @Dean-21