Can only see 1 person in a call, not 4

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Hi there,


I have a team of 6 participants and when in a meeting/call with them I am only able to see one person at a time unlike them who can see 4 people. Only when someone new speaks it changes the view to their camera. I cannot seem to find a setting to change this.
Im using the web version on a Mac OS.


Any assistance would be appreciated 




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Due to a high number of users using Teams currently this is one known problem. Wait for Microsoft to scale up their service.

I've seen it working better in the desktop version of Teams than in the web app, so try that instead.


I am having the same problem with my company.  We have had a few conference calls with 7 participants, and 2 of the 7 could only see one person at a time.  The rest could see 4 at a time.  No explanation.  One of the 2 is using the desktop app.  The other is using the web app.  Can't find anything in settings to fix it.  Would love it if we could see 6 or more people at once, like other video conferencing systems.  Other than that, Teams is great.  Thanks!

a member of my team is having the same issue.


also noted that this issue is reported at (by user MYEchols in a reply)

I have the same issue.
Mine corrected itself when I went from the web version to using the app. Once I downloaded the app I could see multiple people
This worked for me!!! Thanks

Is there a way can see more than 4 persons a a time in microsoft teams?

@Shanice1 Unfortunately not at this time.  No matter which app you use, Teams is limited to 4 video feeds at a time.  They are supposedly working on increasing this to 9, but no ETA that I am aware of.



I have found that google meet/hangout allows you to have at least 8 people thank you again for your response.

I have this issue only in my team and also under actions cannot change screen background. Says info pane disabled by policy??

@Annie91 This is my experience too and the randomness is really frustrating.  Sometimes I see four, sometimes just the speaker, and last week I saw six.  I have tried both the app and the browser, but it doesn't make any difference.  My device is a Surface Pro.  I hope we can get some answers.

I participated in my first Teams meeting tbe other day and saw one participant at a time.

Only a chance remark later made me realise everyone else saw 4 screens at a time.

If you want me to keep using Teams rathe than your competitors, please fix this bug.
Although Microsoft have stated you'll be able to see 9 at once from June, this won't solve the problem here as it seems to be a random phenomenon.

They do seem to be playing catch up with other media such as Zoom.

@Peritas Actually Microsoft wrote that 3x3 video view will arrive this week. I wrote about it here.

So some tenants might already have it.


If there is an error with meetings sometimes show one video and sometime shows 4 (or nine) in the same client, it is best to create a support ticket with Microsoft Support. But it is only the desktop client that will show more that one video stream, so don't use the web application.

@Peritas Hello Mike, as a complement to Linus reply I received this from the Teams product team.


"I wanted to clarify that the 3x3 video is currently rolling out, and we expect it to be enabled for 100% of users in the Public ring by May 15th."