PSTN Call Drops if you do consult transfer - Direct Routing

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Hi All,

I have an issue very similar to the one discussed in this thread:

started by @naimeshmistry 

We have a very simple setup:

Reception AA->Main Reception Queue->Overflow Queue

PSTN is done via Direct Routing. 2 x Ribbon SBCs 1000 running FW 8.0.3 trunked to Telstra Australia

Around the beginning of March, our receptionist reported that after her Teams client on the reception desktop auto-updated to version to the next version up the incoming PSTN calls started to drop out during consultative transfer or while putting on hold and resuming off hold. Fortunately, we had a laptop that was stuck with and she was using that laptop to transfer calls without any issues. Strange enough, we tried to put back onto her desktop but that did not solve the issue. Since then, we purchased her a completely new desktop and the Teams client is  now or have to check. The issue with dropped consult transfer calls is hit and miss. Sometimes she has no issues all day long, sometimes every incoming call drops out when she tries to do consult transfer. 

Like others mentioned in the original post, we don't have any custom Music on Hold configured in Teams but have one configured on SBCs and this is what gets played back to the person who is on hold. She also has a different headset when she uses the desktop it is a wireless Jabra 900 Pro, when she used her laptop it was Jabra evolve 30 wired one.

Looking at the PSTN log on Teams Admin Portal all calls have 


Any help or advice would be much appreciated. It drives us and our customers crazy.




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