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Howdy All, 

I've been rebuilding our On-Prem phone system in Teams, and while Teams is so much better than the On-Prem system, there are still some really annoying things that should be addressed.


1) None of the drop downs "jump" -- when i hit a number or a letter, normal dropdowns will jump to that letter or number in the list... not here... 


2) Phone Numbers - partial searches don't work... if I want to find numbers that end in YYYY I still have to type in 1aaacccyyyy to find it.. being able to "fuzzy search" this would be very beneficial. This applies in the main phone number screen as well as any place else I'm trying to search a drop down list -- exact match, always starting with country code is pretty terrible.


3) Phone numbers - give me the ability to see the name of the person assigned to the number on the main page, even if I have to toggle the column on.


3) Phone numbers - let me use "Porting Pending" as a search criteria


4) Phone Numbers - let me assign service/user as the admin


5) Phone Numbers - let me bulk assign with a spreadsheet/csv - assign to user/service and Emergency Service location.


6) Audio files in Call Queues and Auto Attendants -- I have yet to get a .wav to work for these.. been ok with MP3, but for some reason it always hates .wav


7) Call Queue - I'm generally really happy with these, the only feature I'd really ask to put in is to be able to deliver the call to a private channel, and to deliver overflow/timeout to a *person's* voicemail -- this is the only mechanism I know of right now to give a person a second line.


8) Call Queue - Disable Routing Method if delivering to a teams channel


9) Auto Attendant - Call Flow - Reorganize it numerically after saving, instead of the order they were added - I have 1, 2, 4, 9, 8, 3 now in the display... when we come back to it, display it in "correct" numerical order


10) Auto Attendant - After Hours/Business hours -- setting this needs a better way - click and scroll on every one stinks. Can't jump to time (#1 feedback) and have to set it every time for every aa.

Weekday/Weekend "macro" would be nice


11) Auto Attendant - Gray Out Dial scope if search by name disabled





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Hi RogerH,

These are all very good suggestions. One thing I would add is regarding search in the Users section. I find it very annoying how it begins searching as soon as you type in the search box. More often than not, it messes the search and I have to type slowly especialy when the UI has to parse hundreds to objects.
wholeheartedly agree.. and again, fuzzy search is wonky on there at best.. searching on a username is usually ok, a first name usually works, but last name alone usually will fail.

Hi @RogerH   I will share this post with the Calling features PM.


Also, you might be interested that there will be an AMA session on May 11 from 9:00 am - 10:00 am pacific time that will be focused on Calling.  Many members of the PM team will be online in the Teams AMA forum to answer questions at that time. Microsoft Teams AMA - Microsoft Tech Community


cc: @Remi_Solulan 

Thank you very much! I've added this to my Calendar!