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Hello. We have an employee who cannot access the Application settings under the General Settings tab. Hers simply shows Theme, Chat density and then Language. It is missing Application and Open new chat in settings. Any idea how to fix this? It's imperative because she is an out of state employee and we are unable to get a hold of her in a timely matter due to the fact that  she cannot see when she has a message. I attribute part of that due to her not being able to set up auto start, but I guess it could be something else. Thanks! 

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Hi, there are so many apps for Teams now so you're not limited to the desktop app when you experience an issue. There's the mobile and Teams on the web for ex. Anyway, for the issue. It sounds like the desktop app needs to be signed out and shut down properly for starters. Sign out manually from top right corner in Teams, then right-click on the taskbar icon in the bottom right corner and select Quit.

If that doesn't solve it go to %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams (copy and paste it via Start) and hit enter. Delete all in that location and start Teams again.
Thanks! We will try that.
Found out it was Teams on the web that was the issue. I had her download the app and it works as we need it now.