Outpulse an Auto-Attendant Number from a Call Queue

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I have a Call Queue in Teams as well as an Auto-Attendant that is designed to simply route calls to the Call Queue while also handling business hours.


You can only dial out from Call Queues, but I want to outpulse the Auto-Attendant's number so that people will call back the Auto-Attendant instead of the Call Queue directly.


What I'm working with is...

> Auto-Attendant

> Call Queue

> Auto-Attendant Resource Account (will refer to as Resource_Account_AA)

> Call Queue Resource Account (will refer to as Resource_Account_CQ)


Within the Call Queue's General settings, there is a "Resource accounts" section and an "Assigning Caller ID" section. In the Resource Accounts section, I put the Resource_Account_CQ. In the Assigning Caller ID section, I put the Resource_Account_AA. In theory, this should mean if I call out from the Call Queue, the number will appear as the Auto-Attendant's phone number.


But when I actually try to dial out with these settings, my Teams Application fails to dial and instead tells me, "Sorry, we couldn't connect you."


When I add both Resource_Account_CQ and Resource_Account_AA to the Assigning Caller ID section, the phone will dial successfully, but it will outpulse the Call Queue's phone number. From my Teams App, it doesn't give me an option to choose between the two numbers.


I am using Teams through a Horizon VDI session. I don't know whether this is limiting the functionality of the phone system.


Has anyone else run into this issue? Or am I just doing this wrong?

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