Empowering.Cloud Community Update – February 2024
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In this month’s Empowering.Cloud community update, we cover the latest briefings from subject matters experts, our teams Microsoft Teams Monthly Update, updates in Operator Connect and upcoming industry events. Looks of exciting news, briefings and events!


Best Practice for Raising Support Tickets for Microsoft Teams Rooms Devices

Best Practice for Raising Support Tickets for Microsoft Teams Rooms Devices.png



HP/Poly Microsoft Alliance Manager Mo Khalifa, walks you through how to raise support tickets for Microsoft Teams Rooms devices, including checks to make before you raise a ticket.


  • Before you raise a support ticket, follow this checklist:
    • Reboot the machine
    • Check cables
    • Check the Teams Rooms Admin Guide for known issues and solutions
  • Basic license users – use the Team Admin Center to raise tickets
  • Pro license users – use the pro-management portal to raise tickets
  • Collect device logs from the Teams Admin Center and OEM management portals for troubleshooting
  • Provide detailed information about the issue including: date, time, location and connected peripherals
  • Upload evidence when raising a ticket e.g. logs, screenshots, videos
  • Also, raise a support ticket on the OEM’s website
  • Ensure you are using certified devices for Teams Rooms systems to avoid compatibility issues



Take Charge of the Microsoft Teams Phone Experience

Take Charge of the Microsoft Teams Phone Experience.png



In another one of our latest briefings, Solutions Architect Zach Bennett demonstrates how to take charge of your own Microsoft Teams phone experience.


  • Users can configure:
    • Call queue, auto attendant greetings, delegate settings, voicemail features and creation of call groups
  • Voice features enable users to record their own personal greeting and decide what happens when a caller is redirected to voicemail
  • Create and configure call groups to enable users to forward calls to a group of people
  • Add delegates to enable them to perform various tasks on behalf of the user
  • Voice application policies allow users to update greetings on call queues and auto attendants directly in the client



Microsoft Teams Monthly Update – January 2024

Microsoft Teams Monthly Update – January 2024.png



In this month’s Microsoft Teams monthly update there’s big news on Copilot and Teams Phone:


  • Copilot for Microsoft 365 is now open to all user accounts, including E and business plans, with no seat minimum requirement
  • Copilot for Microsoft 365 is now open to all user accounts, including E and business plans, with no seat minimum requirement.
  • Copilot Pro has been launched for Microsoft 365 personal and family users
  • Copilot users now have access to Intelligent Meeting Recap in the single SKU
  • A new cost-effective Teams Phone SKU for Front Line Workers
  • Other updates include Teams free users being able to join commercial meetings, improvements to the Teams invite, and the upcoming release of Teams Android Auto.




Microsoft Teams Operator Connect Updates

The numbers are continuing to rise in the Operator Connect world with there now being 87 operators and 85 countries covered.


Since the big excitement of India being covered for the first time ever by Operator Connect back in December, there are now 3 India provider and some other provider and country changes have occurred.


New Providers Added

09/01/2024 – Tata Tele Business Services – Country: India


Calling Countries Added

10/01/2024 –Telnyx – Country: Argentina

10/01/2024 –Telnyx – Country: Chile

10/01/2024 –Telnyx – Country: Puerto Rico

10/01/2024 –Telnyx – Country: Virgin Islands (U.S.)


Check out our full Power BI report of all the Operators here:




Upcoming Community Events

Teams Fireside Chat – 8th February, 16:00 UK | Virtual

Guest Speaker: Michel Bouman from Microsoft


Join other community members as we chat with Microsoft’s Michel Bouman, EMEA Sr. Solution Specialist Lead for Microsoft Teams Rooms. As always we will open the floor up for discussion, so bring your burning questions along!


Registration Link: https://events.empowering.cloud/event-details?recordId=recG7Z1enEcADjlB7



Microsoft Teams Devices Ask Me Anything - Online

19th Feb 16:00 UK / 20th February 17:30 Sydney | Virtual


Microsoft Teams Devices Ask Me Anything is a monthly community call hosted by industry experts, who give you an update on all the important Microsoft Teams devices news and answer your questions. So, if you have Microsoft Teams devices questions, this event is the perfect opportunity to get them answered by the experts.


Registration Link: https://events.empowering.cloud



Teams Nation - Online – 21st February | Virtual


Teams Nation is a fee, community-driven online conference dedicated to Microsoft Teams, which brings together exceptional technical talent and thought leaders to share Teams knowledge and encourage participation in the Teams community.


Registration Link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=5ForeUn1lUWb8RS_BslegxHr_Q3NnCtJnIrbnxPQRe1UQUs3...


Microsoft UC User Group London – 7th March, 18:00 UK | Poly Experience Centre London

Hosts: MVP Tom Arbuthnot, Adam Jacobs, MVP Graham Walsh

Guest Speaker: Mo Khalifa from HP / Poly


Join us for the first Microsoft UC User Group of 2024, where hosts Tom Arbuthnot, Adam Jacobs and Graham Walsh will keep you up to date on all the UC news and guest speaker Mo Khalifa, Microsoft Alliance Manager EMEA at HP, will share his insights with us.


Registration Link: https://events.empowering.cloud/event-details?recordId=rec93WG1GRHxde8Fl



Everything You Need to Know as a Microsoft Teams Service Owner at Enterprise Connect – 25th March | In-Person

Training Session: led by MVP Tom Arbuthnot


Whether you’re in the network team, telecoms team or part of the Microsoft 365 team, MVP Tom Arbuthnot’s training session will help you avoid common pitfalls and boost your success as he takes you through everything you need to know as a Microsoft Teams Service Owner.


Registration Link: https://enterpriseconnect.com/training



That’s all for this month, so look out for the next update which will cover the news from ISE!

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