Microsoft Teams Engineering Opportunity for Small and Medium Business


Teams Engineering is inviting a limited number of customers to share feedback on Teams applications currently under development to enable high value experiences for small and medium businesses. This program kicked off late 2021 with limited capacity but we are excited to share that we have added a few more spots in the new year. Come join us! Read on to learn more about the opportunity, benefits and next steps if you are interested in participating.



Join Teams Engineering to:

  • Explore how Teams capabilities can enable experiences for sales, commerce, customer service, and procurement
  • Directly engage with fun, creative Teams product managers who are passionate about empowering small and medium businesses
  • Connect with other small and medium businesses leveraging Teams
  • Influence Teams product features by sharing your experience and insights
  • Receive Teams stickers and other swag


Customers who are accepted into this program will:

  • Participate in live, interactive feedback sessions (estimate two, 60-minute meetings per month)
  • Participate in Teams application validation including potentially testing pre-release code
  • Respond to surveys and other asynchronous feedback methods to provide details on your experiences using the applications


Eligible customers:

  • Organization size of 2-300 employees
  • Active Microsoft Teams usage in your production Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Active NDA with Microsoft (don’t worry if you don’t have an NDA in place today – if you are interested in this opportunity, we will help you complete the NDA process as a first step)


Next steps:

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, and we hope you are, just complete this form to get more information and next steps We have limited space, and participants will be selected on a first come first serve basis.

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