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I'm encountering an issue where some users have the wrong language setting under the "Appearance and Accessibility" section in the new Teams (work or school) interface. Our company is based in the UK, so the correct setting should be English (United Kingdom), but currently, it's set to English (United States).


This discrepancy is causing problems with the spell check feature, as it provides incorrect corrections for UK spellings.


Previously, with "Classic" Teams, we addressed this issue using a PowerShell script to automatically adjust the language settings on user machines by modifying certain files within the Teams application directory. The script worked by iterating through user profiles on a machine, excluding system and default profiles, and replacing "en-US" with "en-GB" in specific configuration files related to Teams.


However, with the introduction of the new Teams and changes in file storage locations, this script no longer functions as intended.


I've identified what appears to be the relevant JSON files in the new Teams directory that should control language settings:




Editing these files seemed promising because changing the language within the Teams app updates these files accordingly. However, after manually adjusting these files to "en-GB" and restarting Teams, the application still displays the language setting as English (United States), even though the JSON file retains the "en-GB" modification.


Given this situation, I'm seeking a script-based solution that can adjust the language settings for my end users without requiring their interaction. With over 2000 affected users out of approximately 10000, manually adjusting settings individually is impractical.


Is there an alternative location or method to script these changes effectively for the new Teams application?


Thank you

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