Issue setting up Managed Google Play in Intune Endpoint

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When trying to setup Managed Google Play in Intune Endpoint, it sometimes lets me check the box, and sometimes it is greyed out.




After I select to Launch when I can check the box it either asks for my google account which I put in my business account after having signed in to the page per Connect Intune account to Managed Google Play account - Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Learn and it comes up and says the page has expired.  Refresh on your EMM console.  Have tried a couple times and not getting anywhere.  There has been some discussions on Reddit and such in the last 24 hours about this so wondering if there is an issue somewhere?



I don't see anything in the M365 system health about an issue.



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I have seen some issues indeed with the Managed Google Play accounts the last couple of days. Only thing you can do is raise a case with Microsoft to see what's going on. But issue will probably be resolved soon..