speed up push install of in-house android app automatic update

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i followed below 2 articles. 





i am using android enterprise fully managed. I have an in-house app and the latest version was made to production. intune deployment was deployed to all users with required deployment and high priority mode. i understand that apps assigned with high priority mode will automatically update as soon as possible, regardless of the condition of the device. 


however, the app updates did not push install within minutes or when i manual check-in the device to intune. it seems the high priority mode is not working. 


When i navigate to the app, it will have an update button to update manually. i don't have maintenance windows set. it is 'device default' in system update setting. i also have set 'always' for 'app auto-updates (work profile-level). 


anyone faced the same issue or behaviour?



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anyone faced the same issue or behaviour as me? it seems high priority deployment is not working.