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How to uninstall android apps - Intune


Hi there, 


We want to uninstall an app from Android devices.

I did the same with iOS phones, it was super easy.
I went to InTune, All Apps --> created an App : specified the App type (iOS Store App) --> then Under assignments, specified from which devices it should be uninstalled. It worked very well.

Now with Android, I did the same, but there is no Uninstall option under assignments.

Anyone knows how we do it with android?




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Hi Ali,

You will have the option to uninstall in Android only if the app’s type “managed google play store”. Means synced from your managed play store to Intune.

It looks like the app you trying to remove is Android Store App.

Hope this helps!

@Moe_Kinani That's correct, we dont have managed google account in our InTune.



When will Microsoft be adding the ability to uninstall and/or disable non-Managed Google Play Store apps?


We are in need of uninstalling/disabling apps such as the Phone app from our Android-based warehouse scanners.





Hi Jacob,

I don’t think it’s on the roadmap.

IF you don't use a Managed Google Play Account, this means that you don't use Android Enterprise and you are using Android Device Administrator.

Android Device Administrator is legacy. Hiding/removing built-in apps is possible with Android Enterprise.
Check this link for more help -

@Thijs Lecomte 


When I said "non-Managed Google Play Store apps", I meant Android System apps and any other apps that are not added to the device through the Managed Google Play Store.


We do use Android Enterprise with Corporate-owned dedicated devices in Kiosk mode, and while uninstalling built-in apps is an option, the "built-in apps" that are provided are not what I'm looking for. This list of apps has Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Apps, Zoom, etc., but doesn't have any actual built-in or system apps for an Android device.


As an example, for our scanner devices, I'd like to be able to disable the Phone app ( so that calls are not received on the device. I've tried adding as an Android Enterprise system app and setting it for Uninstall, but the status states "Not Applicable". When I switch it to Install, it shows that it's installed properly, so it appears there's a limitation to uninstalling (or disabling) Android System apps, unless there's another way to accomplish this that I'm not thinking of.

How have you configured the Kiosk mode?
Because when you are in kiosk mode, you can choose which apps are visible to a user

@Thijs Lecomte 


I've configured it with Multi-app Kiosk mode (I believe that's what you're asking, please clarify if you're looking for some other piece of info).


Yes, I have limited the apps that are shown to the user, but if the Phone app isn't disabled, then phone calls still ring to the phone in the background, and then leave a flashing light notification (unless all of these settings are turned off in the System Settings).


Ultimately, my workaround is to get a data-only SIM card which will work fine. But it would still be nice to be able to disable or uninstall Android System apps that I don't want to be used on the device if needed. 

I see...

There isn't a way to currently do this & don't know of anything planned in the near future

@techtest Have you tried adding the apps to the Android Enterprise system app store?

Apps/All Apps/Add+/Select App Type=Android Enterprise system app/Select

Name  -  Phone

Publisher  -  Android

Package name  -


Add your group/s to the uninstall assignments section and create the app.

This will remove the app from the users view but not remove it from the device.


Once that is done the Phone app will be available in the Store Apps list in the Device Experience blade.


*Android Enterprise system apps will enable or disable apps that are already part of the platform. To enable an app, assign the system app as Required. To disable an app, assign the system app as Uninstall. System apps cannot be assigned as available for a user.*

Add Android Enterprise system apps to Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs


I hope that helps. Good luck