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MacOS 12.3.1 password must be changed after Intune enrollment

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Who can help me to understand the following:

  • I install the Company portal on a MacOS
  • Log in to the Company Portal with a user to bring the device to Intune (the user has permission)
  • Installing the profile works, after a few minutes the device is listed as "Compliant" in the Company Portal
  • The device is also displayed as "compliant" in the Endpoint Manager

I have not assigned a Device Configuration Policy, there is only a Device Compliance Policy.

Now the question: Why do I have to change the password on my MacOS after a few minutes?


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Hi @RomanK7 ,


You'll receive a message from Company Portal if your device password doesn't meet your organization's security requirements.


Please check out these two documents:

Password requirements for Intune-enrolled devices | Microsoft Docs

Enroll your Mac with Intune Company Portal | Microsoft Docs


I hope this helps. 

Hi @Adin_Calkic 

Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately I couldn't see this in the Company Portal app.

It says "Status = Compatible" all the time.


The links are good, thanks

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Hi @RomanK7,

You can change your Compliance Policy if don’t like the user changing his passcode. I hear you on this as I had to deal with it before. It’s not ideal to change someone’s personal Device passcode.

You can change the settings to allow simple password and Device default. Screenshot attached!


Hi @RomanK7 ,


What I wanted to say is, if you change or set anything regarding the password requirements in the Compliance policy -> user will be prompted to change a password. 


In fact, the same behavior occurs when editing Compliance policies -- the end user is prompted to change their passwords.


I hope this helps. Good luck.


Thanks to @Adin_Calkic  and @Moe_Kinani 


I understand now, as soon as I have a compliance policy, the Mac user will be prompted to change the password

Hi @RomanK7,


you are welcome. Let us know if you need anything else.  


just did another test - happy too soon
Unfortunately I have to change the password again. Did I miss something on the screenshot?





Hi @RomanK7 ,


here is the thing - if you change or edit anything in the password section - it will trigger password change. This was always in my environment. 


When creating Compliance policy, if you keep Password settings to Not configured. It should not do it. 




It asks for new password but you can use the same password that you had originally used.