Where are my forms ????????

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Starting MS Forms today I can see some new starting page and NO FORMS I've created recently. I haven't added them to any of my MS Teams groups and CANNOT see them there as well. Where are they ?? I don't have any button like "see more forms". 

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Is there anyone from Microsoft here? I NEED that access to my forms. I'm working on some research project and NEED URGENTLY an access to all my forms. 

I'm having a similar problem. When I access Forms it shows MY Groups and not MY Forms. Did you hear back from anyone?

NO. This recent update from Microsoft has "stolen" my forms and I cannot access them anymore. That is some madness and I am willing to move to Google Forms with new ones. But still need an access to my previous ones. 

"Stolen"? Do I want to know what that means????

Well. I HAD forms now I don't have them. Cannot find them. There's no help at MS side (didn't find any guide how to navigate now). So how can we called that? 

I posted the same question. If I get an answer, I'll let you know!
Hi Luke, I just tried a different browser (Firefox) and all of my forms were visible. Have you tried that yet?

@LillyR Ohhhhh. I did that and it worked. So what Microsoft did they made this update WITHOUT checking it on various platforms. SO THE CASE HERE IS IT DOESN"T WORK ON SAFARI (Mac OSX)