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I'm not skilled with Forms/Power Automate but trying to build something and I fail on one point.


The forms has a list and for each line, the user can choose "To create" or "Do not create".

If "To create" is ticked, an email is sent to someone and I'd like to have the list of answers to the list in the mail.

In Power Automate, I created the Send email step, and in the text I typed:



If the user ticked "To create" for the question 1 only, I'd like it to look like this:

- question 1 : To create

- question 2 : 


What I get is:

- question 1 : { "id": 2, "order": 1.0, "displayText": "To create", "description": null, "isCustomChoice": false, "customProperties": "{\"IsGenerated\":false}", "key": "b05b447d-9596-4961-a969-942b3048f033", "formsProDisplayRTText": null }


So I need help! I just want the text "To create" to be displayed.


How can I do that?


Thank you in advance for you help and your time, it'll be much appreciated.



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@paulbe4 could you post a screenshot of the whole flow as that will make it easier to identify where the problem is. I assume that after your trigger you have added "Get response details" as the first action as you always need to have that:



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Actually when I set this up, it doesn't work. So I deleted it and it works but the text isn't the right one. I found on Internet something that makes it work but I still face an issue.


Lemme explain, here's the full flow:



                               If yes                                 




So this works.

The initial Forms where it's taken from is like this:


So what I want is that if the user ticks the "A créer" box (= "To be created") for lines 1 or 2, an email is sent to someone (person 1) / if the user ticks "A créer" box for lines 5 or 6, a second email is sent to someone else (person 2).

(Lines 3 and 4 are managed differently and don't create any issues for me.)


So I want the email to be sent to PERSON 1 only if one of the two first lines is ticked (only box To be created). Same thing for the email for PERSON 2.

If the user only ticks the first line, there should be an email to be send to PERSON 1, but no email to be send to PERSON 2.


How to do that?

I hope you'll be able to help me.

@paulbe4 I'll go through your email but the first thing I noticed immediately was that you don't have a "Get response details" action in your flow. You MUST have this and usually it is placed immediately after the trigger. I haven't yet read the post to see why you have a couple of Parse JSON actions but if you have the "Get response details" you don't need those.


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As I said, I tried at first but it didn't work, nothing was happening right after the Get response details step.
When deleting it, it was working!!
And I found on internet the Parse JSON steps which make my whole flow works.

What I need help on is the distribution of the emails... I don't know how to do so... 

@paulbe4 the Parse JSON method is not correct. I don't understand what you mean when you say that nothing was happening after the "Get response details" action. It will give you access to all the questions/answers in the form. Bear in mind that the trigger is just that, it doesn't get the details of the form that has been submitted, it just triggers because a form has been submitted. I will read your earlier post asap and see if I can work out what you are trying to do then hopefully provide a solution.


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I found it on Internet:

It changed the initial text it gave me:
{ "id": 2, "order": 1.0, "displayText": "À créer", "description": null, "isCustomChoice": false, "customProperties": "{\"IsGenerated\":false}", "key": "b05b447d-9596-4961-a969-942b3048f033", "formsProDisplayRTText": null }
To what I needed: "À créer".

This works.

@paulbe4 I still don't understand why you are not using the Get response details action or actually what your flow is supposed to achieve. But if it works for you that's great.


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The Parse JSON steps are only to change the text and to display only the answer given by the Form user.


I still can't manage to have it like I want. Can you help me?


Maybe I'll have to change the whole flow, and that's OK, I'm not very skilled with PowerApp so I tried with what I found but it may have better ways.


Maybe you can help me directly through email instead of through here? If you prefer...


Please don't let me down! :)