Microsoft Forms - One form, multiple co workers, responses from customers to the right co workers

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Hi dear community,


At work we send this one Microsoft Forms form link we have for onboarding new customers to them with Microsoft Outlook, but all the responses of the different customers go to the account of the same co worker who made the original form.


Is there a way to use this one form link and somehow manage to let the responses of the different customers only go the the co workers who send it to their customers so that co workers don't receive the responses of customers that aren't theirs? Maybe their is something possible with Microsoft Power Automate to achieve this?


Thank you all in advance :) !


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@Winston_Rghbrsnghthis is not possible with Forms, but you could build a flow in Power Automate where in the form the customer would enter their email address, select the department they are joining and answer the other questions in your form. Then the flow would trigger whenever a new response is submitted and get the response details. Finally a switch action would look at the department selected and send the email of the questions and answers to the appropriate person.


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Thanks Rob :) !

Is it possible to duplicate one form type and add those to my co workers account myself?

And is it possible to make a button or short cut in Microsoft Outlook to go to your personal Microsoft Forms account to select specific form types to send to the customers?