Microsoft Forms Powers Approvals Templates in Microsoft Teams, and other updates | April 2021

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We are excited to share how Microsoft Forms powers Approvals templates in Microsoft Teams, an important product for frontline workers to do their job. With Hannover Messe 2021 Digital Edition taking place this week, we shared our outlook on the future of hybrid work and the frontline in manufacturing, in which Approvals templates plays a part. We are grateful to contribute to Microsoft’s work with digital transformation in industries like manufacturing.


Microsoft Forms in Approvals Templates

In the past year, many organizations across the world have had to digitize workflows, including their approvals processes. With the Approvals app in Teams, you can create, manage, and share approvals directly from your workflow. To better support the your Approvals processes, we announced last month at Ignite that we are bringing Approvals templates to you starting at the end of April.* (*Update on April 28, 2021: roll out to all customers will now begin in mid-May.)


As a joint effort between Forms and the Modern Workplace Transformation team, Approvals templates enable you to customize your approvals processes easily. From time off requests to overtime requests, templates provide a repeatable structure for common approvals—which includes a form.


How does it work?


Create Approvals Template - Form DesignCreate Approvals Template - Form Design


As an administrator or Teams channel owner, you can create and manage organization-wide Approvals templates on your desktop or tablet. Microsoft Forms is embedded in these templates as a white-label solution. As seen above, the forms authoring under step 2, “Form design,” is entirely powered by Forms.


Form Design - Question TypesForm Design - Question Types


Currently, you can choose from three question types for your form: multiple-choice, open-text, and date. The experience of designing your form should feel familiar, as it is as simple as your typical form creation experience with Microsoft Forms.


Submit Approval Request on Teams desktopSubmit Approval Request on Teams desktop

Forms also powers the interface through which your team members fill out the approval request, as seen above. Using the template you created, they can quickly fill in their request on any-sized device.


Submit Approval Request on Teams mobileSubmit Approval Request on Teams mobile



Forms’ anti-phishing protection, data validation, and user validation also help to ensure a safe and quality request.

After their submission, you, or the relevant approver on your team, can approve the request. At any point, you can view the aggregate information collected from these approvals, as well as export in a CSV file for further analysis in Excel.

We are delighted to contribute to a core part of Approvals templates and, more broadly, Microsoft’s vision to offer a simple, unified experience for essential workflows.


Additional Updates in Microsoft Forms


Enable Forms in PowerPoint Without Having to Deploy Office Add-Ins

Inserting a form or quiz into your PowerPoint on the desktop application has been an integration enjoyed by users in the Enterprise and Education worlds alike. However, if an organization did not want to enable all Office add-ins, its users were unable to add surveys or polls to their PowerPoint decks.


Thus, we are delighted to announce that IT administrators can now use Centralized Deployment to enable only the Forms add-in for PowerPoint, without enabling all Office add-ins. With this improvement, we believe this integration will become more widely accessible to you and your colleagues in your organization.


Send a Form Using a Shortened URL

Now, you can use a shorter URL when collecting responses to your form. A shortened link allows respondents to easily type and access the link; it also looks more shareable and professional.

Shortened URL for Sharing Forms to RespondentsShortened URL for Sharing Forms to Respondents


Next Steps

We hope you explore these latest updates as they become available to you. To learn more about Approvals in Teams, please see these quick introduction videos. If you have additional questions on Forms surveys, quizzes, or polls, please visit our Support page. To send your feedback, go to the upper right corner of your form design page and select the three dots ... Feedback. Last, you can join discussions in the Microsoft Forms Tech Community and follow the Forms Blog to stay updated in the future. 

Regular Contributor

These new features look great!


Are the Approval Templates going to be something that can be referenced in Power Automate workflows (like a workflow triggered when a document is uploaded, then I want to dispatch this Approval Template to these specific people)? I'd also be interested in reading an article that is a deeper dive in what happens with this new feature/integration.


How i can get this templates option in  my approval app. currently i have no option to create templates.


This will enable better use of the Approvals app, the current features are too basic to be used as a proper business flow. Eagerly waiting! . Will it support all features of Microsoft Forms during the release?

@Arun_Negi It is not rolled out yet. Roll out is from end of April. 

Senior Member

Its in preview as of yesterday but cant seem to send off the template as of now. 


is this available now?

Senior Member

Yes, see screenshot below. 


Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 6.18.36 AM.png

Occasional Visitor

@alinefxgk @Melinda_Hu 

How to configure this?

Regular Visitor

Can guests be approvers @Melinda_Hu ?

Senior Member

@Bansari_Pandya switch to developer preview on teams to enable. Also enable switch for adobe sign as e-sign provider in Teams admin.

cc: @Melinda_Hu@alinefxgk 

I guess the roll-out is not completed because in every approval request that I create based on a template the send button is disabled:



Occasional Visitor

@alinefxgk Thanks for your response. I am able to configure the 'Leave' Template. Now I create this template as a team owner. So how can I share it with another team member? Everyone needs to on the developer preview mode? 


@Bansari_Pandya  how to enable developer mode.

Occasional Visitor

@Arun_Negi  In the teams, Above where you are able to see your profile picture -> click there -> go to About -> Developer Preview -> Switch to Developer Preview.



@Bansari_Pandya  i am not getting that developer preview option in my teams.


Here how to enable the public preview

Occasional Visitor

Is it available for all team member or still in public preview?

Regular Visitor

Great work

RE: "From time off requests to overtime requests, templates provide a repeatable structure for common approvals—which includes a form."

It would be great if Forms could expand the Date Picker to optionally include Date AND Time.
Otherwise the claim of "overtime requests" which typically requires a start and end time seems a little exaggerated. Of course a sperate text field could be utilised to capture time, but that would require somewhat convoluted post submit syntax validation in Power Automate to validate correct time format, which would be a better user experience to have upfront.

Looking forward to future improvements as Forms is a great tool in the toolbox


Can you help? basic question:xd:

I have created a new template form for authority to recruit in our business and I want the approvers to see the detail in the form?  when I received the notification that I had something to approve I could only approve yes/no but see no detail as to what I was approving?

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