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I would like to create a a survey with 2 questions and embed this survery in outlook email. 1st question is a choice option with options 1,2,3 and 4. Whereas 2nd question is a open-ended comment section. (like the picture). Is this possible?



I tried Microsoft form but unable to put it into the email (not using link/QR code). Should I use another platform?

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@annoying1999999 to do this you need a simple flow in Power Automate to get the form response then to send the email:









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Hello @RobElliott,


I want the survey to be in the email for user to submit the survey via email. Is that possible?

@annoying1999999 a survey can't be embedded in an email. All you can do is to have a link to it within the email.


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While I don't believe you can embed a Form in an email, I did just learn this morning that you can embed a Poll. The downside is that it only allows for one question, and it has to be multiple choice (with the option to select multiple answers).  It doesn't solve the problem you have, but wanted to share it as another option. 


To embed the poll, you need to open a new email in Outlook, click on Insert, and choose poll. It's pretty simple and slick!


With a poll in an email is it possible to collect email address of respondent automatically?



Hi Rob,


Any updates on this? Is there a way as of today to embed a survey form within an email?


Thank you


Did you ever figure out a solution to this?  I've been looking as well.


Unfortunately not! It seems that you can only embed the first question directly in customer voice and in marketing you have to link the full survey to a button