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Hi guys,


I'm looking at creating a questionnaire for work but there might be some complicated terms in it which I'll need to define. I don't want to clutter up the look of the form so is there a way of having a link where hovering over the term will bring up a note or a dialogue box, showing what the term means? 




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Hi @AMJ_Devon 


There's nothing at present that has the pop up help tips, you can add hyperlinks to the question to go to content, and/or you could add an image in with the description if needed?


I'd suggest having a play and see how you go.




Thanks @Damien Rosario It's a shame that it can't do that at the moment, perhaps this might be a feature worth considering if it's expanded. Thanks again anyway for the tip.

@Damien Rosario 


I am also creating something simliar for my students. Has there been any update on the advice in this thread?


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this is not something that is possible today, but we may consider in future.

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@Jon_Kay  Thank you for your reply!

Would be a great feature to have one day, especially as they are used alot in education.





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@KR18597 if your users are internal you could this with a Power Apps canvas app.


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