Increase the limit of dropdown items in MS Forms

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Had a rough afternoon entering a list of locations into our dropdown list (1 at a time, mind you).  Somewhere around item # 70 I had the unpleasant experience of an alert popping up to inform me that I hit the limit.


Is there any chance the limit of dropdown items can be increased to 100?


And also, now that I think about it, how about the option to copy and paste a list of items into the dropdown field instead of being forced to enter them 1 at a time?

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It would also be nice that when you had a lot of solutions, it wouldn't open the dropdown box as one long box(It should have scrolling down option)- Much like google forms.

Yes, that would be a good feature....


I just noticed that I could surpass the initial limit I thought was there if each item was a few characters long.  However, in my case our location names can be up to a length of 100 characters and the list could get as long as 100 locations.


For anyone @Microsoft, any thoughts on whether or not this will be addressed?



Hi Josette,


Thanks for using Microsoft Forms.


For each question, except question title, all the other infomation (e.g. question settings, options) share a space, around 4KB, i remeber.


I'll provide the feedback for the engineering team.




One year later....still not working like a dropdownbox should work..shame on you MS

I have the same problem
is there any news on this topic?

No news yet. *sigh* :(

totally agree with both of these. We have 112 locations, and this makes FORMS useless for us because we almost always need the respondent to say which location they are from. Also have to paste them in one by one is silly.

I have a similar problem: I'm creating a feedback form, where the user has to choose in a list of trainers. Unfortunately I have 100 trainers available. Also I would like to keep their name in alphabetical order, but you can't re-order the drop-down choices. So when a new trainer comes in, I would have to re-do the whole list ! This is a very basic feature but it renders big part of the drop-down stuff unusable

Thanks for the feedback, it is one of our top items.




Please keep us posted as soon as changes and updates are made.

@Josette Moore - yes PLEASE on both these things. 

@point2five  we have already increased the limit, do you still have the problem?

@Zhongzhong Li  Related to this thread: I have a long list of full names I want to load as a dropdown list.... in Google forms, a simple copy paste does exactely that. In MS Forms - it copies the whole list into option 1 :(

Any way to make it right?

@Zhongzhong Li  Hi, Could you please increase the drop down list to 500 minimum, and also please make it as drop down in mobile as well.




Has this been fixed? It doesn't seem to allow a sort or search to take place currently. Maybe just a learning opportunity for me?