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Hi all,


Is it possible to link two or MS Forms? So you complete part A and move to part B which is a different form, not just just different sections of same form? We have two forms that would naturally flow into each other but two different groups would need to check the responses and have ownership of each form.

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Hi David (@David Gorman) you could put a link into the first form's subtitle which I suppose does the job but is a bit clunky and easy for the user to overlook:



It's not possible to link 2 or more forms, there's just no mechanism to do it. If I was needing to do this I would save the first form response to a list in SharePoint via a flow in Power Automate. That flow would send an email to the group that needs to check the response, and it would also send an email to the responder containing a link to the second form.


You would then need a second flow to save the second form response into a SharePoint list (the same or a different list) and email the second group to check the responses.


That's the only way I can think to do it.


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Thanks @RobElliott , I could work with this. I forgot you could add links in the response the user gets after submitting the form too.